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Fighting Mad

FANTASY:  Carla is a single mom to two girls. She and her good friends Marilee and Megan live in Fayetteville, your typical small town: except it isn’t.

Holiday Wedding

Drew spent ten years with Lauren before she put her foot down. After a whirlwind engagement, she realized he might not be serious after all and called off the wedding, at the wedding.

When the Black Roses Grow
Angela Christina

PARANORMAL:  Emmalynn Hawthorne has just lost her mother - she was hung as a witch after trial in Salem Massachusetts.

In the town of Haskell, Wyoming, some busybodies get to talking. One of the locals owns a halfway house for poor and abused women back in Nashville, and his wife brings up the subject of mail-order brides to him.

The Soul's Agent

Navi sees her ex-boyfriend Alec four years after a brutal break up when he accused her of cheating—she didn’t—and then walked away. The truth is, she fights specific demons for Death.