Reviews - Audiobooks

The Enigma Rising (The Enigma Series, Volume 2)
Breakfield and Burkey,
Narrator: Derek Shoales

TECHNO THRILLER:  The R-Group, a secretive European family-run operation with ties to major governments is asked by a Brazilian magnate to locate his missing daughter.

Hunting in Bruges (Hunters' Guild #1)
E.J Stevens,
Narrators: Melanie A. Mason, Anthony Bowling

MYSTERY:  Jenna Lahane, hunter of all things supernatural and evil, is on a mission to Bruges to investigate a series of brutal and mysterious murders of tourists visiting the ancient city. With an ancient city comes centuries of baggage and conspiracy too. The closer Jenna is to solving the mystery, the more she wonders if perhaps some secrets are best left buried.

What Happens at Midnight
Laura Chapman,
Narrator: Kay Heart

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Natalie is a romantic comedy junkie. She’s got them all memorized and the hopeless romantic antics never grow old —until she finds herself caught up in them herself. For three years in a row, New Years Eve has been the night where she bumps into a mysterious, handsome stranger named Rob. Unfortunately for her, the perfect movie ending doesn’t play out, or can it?

The Wayward One (De Montfortes Brothers, Book 5)
Danielle Harmon
Narrator: Wayne Farrell

HISTORICAL:  Lady Nerissa De Montfortes, youngest coddled sibling of the Duke of Blackheath, accompanies her brother Lord Andrew to a demonstration of his latest invention, an explosive that will give the Royal Navy advantage over the rebellious Americans. Before the night is through, Lady Nerissa is abducted by an Irish rogue, a Captain in the Continental Navy.

Updrift (The Mer Chronicles, Book One)
Errin Stevens,
Narrator: Sean Posvistak

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Kate Sweeting's life changes when she and her widowed mother move to a small coastal town in North Carolina and meet Gabriel Blake and his family. Gabe and Kate grow up together, but there are many secrets surrounding the Blake family.