Reviews - Audiobooks

Second Guessing
Gail Ward Olmsted
Narrated By: Gina Rogers

CONTEMPORARY: Since losing her husband, Jill Griffin has given up all hope in finding love. She arranges a tribute concert for her late husband, and that’s when Ben Fein walks into her life. He is a member of one of the bands performing at the concert, and they just click.

Guessing At Normal
Gail Ward Olmsted
Narrated By: Gina Rogers

CONTEMPORARY: James Sheridan’s life is insane. He is trying to get his rock band off the ground and there is so much pressure - not to mention the parties. Things change for him when he has a one night stand with motel clerk Jill Griffin. She wants a committed relationship, but James isn’t sure he can give her that.

Protected by a Vampire (Immortal Hearts of San Francisco, Book 5)
Susan Griscom
Narrators: John York and Gracia Gilland

PARANORMAL: At the age of seventeen, Acelyn “Ace” Baird was rescued in an alleyway by the most gorgeous man she’d ever laid eyes on. Years later, she still finds herself drawn to him… and searching. Low and behold, fate brings them together again! Gage McAllister is that man, and he wants nothing to do with her for the sole reason that he is a vampire and she is a human.

HISTORICAL WESTERN: Cara Cargill is known for being a fantastic match-maker. When Taggert Thompson hires her to help him find the perfect bride, she’s got her work cut out for her. First there is Daisy Bancroft, who ends up being pawned off on Taggert’s best friend. Then Bridget “Birdie” Byrne has a chance meeting with Rance Barlow that changes her life.

The Runaway Wife (Book 4 of Brides of Little Creede)
Cici Cordelia
Narrator: Alan Taylor

HISTORICAL WESTERN: Samuel Singleton has set aside his old life as a hired gun and riverboat gambler for something a little more pure—security for his old mentor at the Knight Gleason’s Gambling Galleria in Little Creede. When he finds a young woman posing as a boy in the kitchen pantry, he knows he’s stumbled upon a situation in need of his skills.