Reviews - Audiobooks

One Starry Knight (The Starry Knight Saga 1)
Carrie Lynn Thomas
Narrator: Joyce Oben

YOUNG ADULT:  Sage Cassidy lives a complicated life. Her mom is an alcoholic who has jumped from man to man ever since the death of Sage’s father. The only friends she had at school suddenly stopped talking to her, and Adam, the boy she’s in love with, is half alien. Not only that, but he is part of an intergalactic custody battle that might impact the fate of the universe itself.

Midnight with the Marquess (The St. Clairs Book 2)
Alexa Aston
Narrator: Price Waldman

HISTORICAL:  Lady Rachel St. Clair believes in the possibility of love. She’s seen in it with her own eyes between her brother with his wife. When she meets Major Evan Drake, she thinks she’s found it for herself. After all, he’s teaching her how to kiss in clandestine meetings after midnight. Evan Drake, the Marquess of Merrick, on the other hand doesn’t believe love exists.

Starless: Executioner Knights (Book Three)
Kathryn Le Veque
Narrator: Brad Wills

HISTORICAL:  When hot headed Achilles de Dere met Susanna de Tiegh, the wrong kind of friction happened. They clashed, and friends were certain she’d kill him. Now, she’s all he can think of, and those thoughts are distracting him from work for William Marshal, the Earl of Pembroke.

End of the Road

Karen Michelle Nutt

Narrator: Kelly Jackson

PARANORMAL:  This contemporary story revolves around a rock group from the early 90’s--the Silent Plaids.  Lars Gunner, the group’s frontman, died 23 years ago under questionable circumstances.  His daughter Cecilia was three at the time.  CeeCee starts hearing her father’s voice after finding one of his journals.  After she sees his ghost, she accepts that she can communicate with him.

Devoted to the Duke (The St. Clairs Book 1)

Alexa Aston

Narrator: Price Waldman