Reviews - Audiobooks

A Rogue to Remember (The Hellion Club Book 1)
Chasity Bowlin
Narrator: Alexandra Ralph

When Douglas “Devil” Ashton, Lord Deveril, returns to England from his exile to India, he determines to find his sister, Alice. Alice, seduced by a gold digger, was abandoned by her cheapskate father. Devil finds his sister only to lose her to death but promises on her deathbed to take care of her daughter Marina.

Journey to New Salem (The Witches of Vegas Book 2)
Mark Rosendorf
Narrator: Jeff Hutchins

With the Wiccan Vampire, Valeria, out of their hair, the self-made family has seen unbelievable success in their stage show on the strip. Isis and Zack are feeling closer than ever. Life is perfect…or at least it was, until Isis begins to have seizures that cause her powers to lash out.

The Witches of Vegas
Mark Rosendorf
Narrator: Jeff Hutchins

Isis Rivera has been in the foster system for quite some time. After her magical powers are discovered by one of her families at the age of nine, she flees to go live with Sebastian—a man who has abilities similar to her own. Now fifteen, she has been given permission to join Sebastian’s stage show on the Vegas strip. During her debut, she locks eyes with a handsome young man in the audience.

Thomas Taylor drinks too much one night and passes out at his desk; he wakes up to his wife lying dead on the floor, with a bullet in her heart, and his youngest son shaken up and staring at his mother. His neighbors in Thunder Lake all whisper behind his back believing he killed her, but he is exonerated for lack of evidence. He and his six sons live without any frills.

Fatal Infraction (Mike Stoneman Thriller #4)
Kevin G. Chapman
Narrator: Kevin G. Chapman

Jimmy Rydell is found naked and dead on a carousel in Central Park. It’s obvious to detectives Mike Stoneman and Jason Dickson that Jimmy has been strangled, but the cause of death isn’t officially determined until an autopsy is complete. Unfortunately, Jimmy’s body is frozen, and has to thaw before Michelle McNeill, Mike’s girlfriend, can perform the autopsy.