Zy'ventum: Book Four of the Twelve Dimensions

Paul L.
SCI-FI: Shirakaya awakens to find herself alone in the hellscape of Pandemonium. At least one cycle has passed since her arrival in the strange alternate universe—a universe that is literally starting to collapse under her feet. With no light from the stars or a sun to guide her, Shirakaya must find her way out of this void before she is destroyed along with it—and she must do so before she and everyone she loves succumbs to the Purple Blight that has been plaguing the known universe and beyond.
“Zy’ventum” is a fast paced, action packed, science fiction adventure that moves at full force from start to finish! Mr. Centeno has created some fantastic worlds in his universe! Lots of unique species and cultures are present throughout the novel. While the book is the fourth in the series, it is possible for new readers to jump right in. That being said, the book will make more sense after having read the other installments. All of the characters are well developed and easy to connect with—especially the main heroine Shirakaya. There are a few familiar storylines present from the science fiction genre, but Mr. Centeno writes them with an entertaining voice.
Ms. Holly has a great range in her voice that brings many characters to life. Each is distinct and vibrantly portrayed, sometimes making it seem as though there are more actors present in the production. In addition to her skills, there are a lot of sound effects added to the characters. Robots have a metallic grit added to their dialogue, and certain aliens have other unique effects. Some of the background sound effects can be distracting from the book, and there is music to help create the mood. Overall, it is a fun and engaging listen! This is a great read for fans of science fiction and adventure!
Chelsea Anderson