Yun'sara: Book Two of the Twelve Dimensions

Paul L. Centeno
Narrator: Courtney Holly

The universe of Ensar is under attack by koth’vurians, but most people and most leaders aren’t ready to accept that they are back, because holy scriptures have deemed them gone. Shirakaya is the leader of a motley crew of mercenaries, who are trying to do several things. They need to earn money, so they take on mercenary missions. They need a spaceship to be able to fight the koth’vurians, so they decide to compete in a Death Ships show, where the winner receives a beautiful new spaceship. They also need to build an army and recruit various talents to help them when the koth’vurians attack. Apparently Shirakaya has been a military leader in the past, and is now trying to regain her professional reputation.

The author assumes listeners are familiar with these characters, as there is minimal introduction or explanation for most of them. They appear in rapid-fire order, and listeners are supposed to know them already. They are referred to as professor, assassin, mercenary, or oracle, without fanfare or description. This is one of those cases where listeners need to hear these stories in order from the beginning. Nevertheless, the story flows quickly and is appealing to the listener, after they are familiar with the plethora of characters.

Courtney Holly does a delightful job narrating this story. She voices the many characters with a unique sound to most. Some are so individualized that listeners will automatically know who is speaking because of the unique depiction of their voice. This recording is a dramatic production complete with mood music, a bomb blast, shattering glass, and multiple other added sounds. Occasionally the interlude music quality sounds tinny, but most of the dramatic sounds add to the production, except when they are overly loud. This narrator immerses listeners in this fantasy world!

Carey Sullivan