The Wylder Rose


HISTORICAL: Rose O’Brien escapes from an abusive relationship with a wealthy man in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Her journey nearly ends with her almost freezing to death in a blizzard on a country road just outside of Wylder, Wyoming. Fortunately, Callum MacPhilip comes along on his way home from town, spots the nearly frozen woman and her horse, and transports them back to his ranch. He saves her life and treats her with respect and dignity, something that has been missing in Rose’s life for nearly a decade. They get to know each other, and Callum learns that Rose is starting a job as a saloon singer in town, and he does what he can to keep the wild men in town under control so that no harm can come to her.

This story flows beautifully. The pace is steady and the tension starts to build from the start. The possibility exists that her former lover might find her. This helps to build the tension. Nevertheless, Rose has made a positive impression upon the folks of Wylder, so when things get dicey, she finds help from a multitude of friends in surprising places. This adds a deeper layer of heart and warmth to the storytelling. She faces a few challenges as well, and has to come to terms with jealousy, humiliation, and fear. Nevertheless, she faces each challenge with strength and dignity.

Dawson McBride is an incredible narrator! He moves easily between Scottish and Irish accents, between young and old characters, and between male and female character portrayals. His voice is smooth, richly nuanced, and delightful to hear. The production quality is top-notch in this audiobook, and there aren’t any noticeable mistakes or issues with the recording quality.

Carey Sullivan