A Wicked Earl’s Widow: Once Upon a Widow #2

Aubrey Wynne
Narrator: Harry Frost

HISTORICAL/REGENCY:  After the death of her first husband, Eliza’s father is determined to get her married off again in order to save himself from financial ruin. When he threatens not only her life, but also the life of her daughter, Eliza knows she must escape from his clutches. When Lord Pendleton first comes across Eliza, saving her and her carriage from a band of thieves, he is taken in by her courage and determination. As the two spend more time in one another’s company, Lord Pendleton wonders if Eliza is the one he has been waiting for — and if so, how he can win her heart.

Readers looking for a sweet Regency romance will enjoy Eliza and Lord Pendleton’s love story. The descriptions of the countryside and the time-period are just enough to place readers in the right frame of mind. Eliza’s strength and grit will draw one into the story, and will keep their attention until the conclusion. The overall plot and character development would have benefited from a longer novel, as some aspects are rushed or overlooked. In the end, those who enjoy a good love story set in the 1800’s will appreciate Eliza and Lord Pendleton’s journey.

With a soothing voice and steady cadence, Mr. Frost is a narrator who allows listeners to sit back and sink into the story. His accent and deliverance match well with the English setting and Regency time-period. The only real flaw in Mr. Frost’s performance is that he needs slightly more distinction between the different characters, especially amongst the female characters. For anyone in search of good audiobook, with an intriguing plot, “A Wicked Earl’s Widow” will not disappoint.

Amy Cefoldo