What Happens at Midnight

Laura Chapman,
Narrator: Kay Heart

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Natalie is a romantic comedy junkie. She’s got them all memorized and the hopeless romantic antics never grow old —until she finds herself caught up in them herself. For three years in a row, New Years Eve has been the night where she bumps into a mysterious, handsome stranger named Rob. Unfortunately for her, the perfect movie ending doesn’t play out, or can it? When the two reunite later in the future, is there still hope or are movies just like fairy tales — a whole lot of fiction.

Laura Chapman’s Natalie has a strong and distinctive voice. Her journey through love over the years is so real it is heartbreaking and beautiful all at once. Many readers will probably be able to relate to Natalie’s naive, hopeful, younger years and how time and reality are great at punching holes in that bubble. Rob is a hero going through a similar journey in his own way. He’s witty and charming, attractive, yet not too perfect. His encounters with Natalie are filled with a natural chemistry that leaves the reader wanting more.

On the narration front, Kay Heart tells the story with a lot of energy. While her characterizations aren’t always spot on for the secondary players to the story, when it comes to Natalie and Rob, she fits the bill perfectly. Listening to her recount Natalie’s tale of love is a lot like listening to a well-detailed and animated story from a best friend.

“What Happens at Midnight” is a wonderful light read that is perfect for an afternoon in. It is just the right length, and will fill the romantic comedy lover’s heart with joy.

Chelsea Anderson