Wedding Bands

Ev Bishop
Narrator: Sarah Grant

CONTEMPORARY:  Callum, Jo’s old high school flame, is someone she never expected to see again but then he walks back into her life: as her sister’s attorney.  Longing to make the property her uncle left into something new; Jo finds herself in the middle of a legal battle with her sister Samantha who wants to sell the property.   Stuck between two sisters, Callum must choose between fighting for the case or fighting for his heart.  Against all odds, Jo is determined to make her dream of opening a B&B happen, but with Callum back in her life, she begins to wonder if another dream is possible.  Can Callum and Jo ever move beyond the past and embrace the second chance given to them?

An enjoyable story about childhood love, second chances, and learning to let go, “Wedding Bands,” will charm readers from the first page to the last.  The cast of characters develop in a natural and real way, from Jo struggling with making a new life for herself to Callum fighting for a life he wants.  The dynamic between Jo and Callum is equal parts sass and sweetness with the two struggling to reconcile a past with the present.  Miscommunication and seemingly random events drag the pacing down.  If one is looking for a quality romance series to dive into, Jo and Callum’s story will not disappoint.

Sarah Grant brings to life the love story of Jo and Callum, painting a vivid picture of the Canadian backdrop.  She weaves emotion into each sentence, bringing the listener into each moment.  Although the narration would have benefitted from two different narrators, Ms. Grant does a decent job of relaying the different characters.  An already entertaining story is made that much more pleasurable with the narration.

Amy Cefoldo