The Watchers Book One: In The Valleys of the Earth

R.R. Pearl
Narrator: John York

LGBTQ: Doctors Alec Coimhead and Clemy Armistead are best friends, and they’ve just discovered the battleground of angels and demons. This discovery thrusts them both on the adventure of a lifetime, resulting in Alec needing a bodyguard. A rather handsome and mysterious bodyguard at that. As they travel the globe, they come face to face with mythical monsters and true terror. They are in the race of a lifetime, and losing it could mean the end of everything they know.

“In the Valleys of the Earth” is the beginning of an intriguing and captivating series! The world building is so in depth and vivid, readers will instantly get lost in its details. R.R. Pearl has taken the time to make sure each of the characters who live in this book are as real and developed as the setting. Clemy and Alec have a believable friendship, and Alec’s growing romantic attraction to Rafe, their mysterious protector, is realistic and believable. There are so many great scenes with all of the characters interacting with one another. That, combined with the adventure at hand, makes for a fun and entertaining read!

Mr. York’s performance packs just the right kind of punch that fits well with the excitement and adventure of the book! His energy helps bring the characters to life. Each one is well depicted with an assortment of tones and accents that make them diverse and easy to tell apart. His ability to connect with them emotionally adds a further layer that makes this book a fantastic listen. The pacing is always spot on, so even the slower points of the story are interesting to hear.

This is a great book for readers of adventure, archeology, and the supernatural!

Chelsea Andersen