War Serenade: An Epic WWII Love Story

Jill Wallace
Narrator: Peter Noble

HISTORICAL/LITERARY FICTION:  When Italian opera-star-turned-pilot Pietro is shot down during World War II, he nearly loses everything defining him as a human in the Allied prisoner-of-war camp in South Africa. It is there that he meets Iris, a nurse who dreams of working in Hollywood. She is what gives him hope during the most painful of times in the camp. Their courtship must remain a secret, or Iris could be charged with treason. Can they triumph over the odds stacked against them? 

Inspired by a true story, "War Serenade” is indeed an epic love story. Ms. Wallace paints a vivid picture with her words, one that transports the listener back in time and absorbs them into the world! Pietro and Iris’s love is one for the ages! The depth of Pietro and Iris’s respective backgrounds and future journey, is well developed and thoroughly described, sometimes to a point where there is almost too much information given out. However, the emotional connection and constant action keep the story moving forward. There are many moments of excitement and some steamy scenes. The fact that this is based on a true story makes it even more fascinating! Listeners will have a hard time putting the book down!

Peter Noble has a fantastic voice. Rich and deep, it is a perfect fit for the setting of this story. Throughout the story, he keeps the pace even, helping keep the longer descriptive portions upbeat for easy listening. His performance brings the words to life and pair well with Ms. Wallace’s beautiful prose!

This is a great read for lovers of all kinds of romance. It is a sweeping love story that is indeed epic!

Chelsea Andersen