War of the Heart

Jenna Victoria
Jennifer Groberg

INSPIRATIONAL/MYSTERY/HISTORICAL/TIME SLIP:  Boston dress designer Louise Martin and British B&B owner George Walker are whisked back in time via a mysterious snow globe to 1940’s London.  They must learn to trust and rely on each other as they race against the clock to reconcile an old feud between their families as well as a seventy five year old mystery.  Will their growing relationship survive this adventure, and will they ever return to their former lives in the present day?


Jenna Victoria’s debut novella is a confident foray into Christian fiction, weaving together strands of wry humor with WWII, sci-fi, and romance to create a satisfying story.  Without spoilers, there is one part of the story that did feel like it happened far too quickly to be completely believable, but can be forgiven with a little imagination.  This audiobook is just the right length for a lazy afternoon, and the pacing of this mini-adventure will keep you intrigued until the end.


Jennifer Groberg has put in a solid effort with the narration.  While there are some issues with mouth noise and occasional plosives, the overall production is of a good quality.  A few of the pronunciations are somewhat questionable, but Jennifer Groberg’s enthusiasm for story telling is plain to hear, and she gives a confident voice to the story.  This audiobook is a pleasure to listen to, and easily earned its 3.5 star rating.  It is recommended for anyone who enjoys Christian historical fiction, or wants an enjoyable introduction to the genre.


TJ Richards