Wanted by the Werewolf Prince (Space Shifters Chronicles, Book 1)

Kara Lockharte

Narrator: Valentina Ortiz


PARANORMAL/SCI-FI:  It’s the year 2356 C. E., and Prince Ral and his sister, Princess Seria, of the House of Nightclaw, have just been rescued from a tiger planet, leaving some of his closest friends behind to save his sister. Skye Daring is the starship captain who completes some daring maneuvers to enable their escape. Prince Ral is impressed, and wants her to fly for his people, after returning him to the tiger’s planet so he can rescue his friends. Skye is following orders because she’s on probation, and needs to toe the line in order to get her Starbolt ship back. So she refuses his request, which is unheard of in Prince Ral’s world. She doesn’t kowtow to his orders, and she fights him at every turn. Skye is a strong character who knows what she wants, and she’s earned her place in the United Coalition of First Earth, and wants to keep it.

This is a fun story to hear. It is tense and filled with plenty of action and excitement. The pacing never slows, and the conflicts within each protagonist are defined clearly. There is a lot of profanity, some wonderfully snarky comments that provide listening entertainment, and heaping amounts of techno-jargon that sounds authentic, even if there’s no way to prove it!  The author does a good job of bringing this future world inhabited by wolf- and tiger-shifters to life.

Valentina Ortiz does a beautiful job narrating this audiobook. It’s easy to believe in each character, as she voices each one distinctly, while conveying certain personality traits along the way. The quality of the production was very good, and there weren’t any noticeable flubs in the sound quality or in the narration. She expresses the appropriate emotion at the correct time, and makes the listener believe!  

Carey Sullivan