The Viscount's Vow (Veteran’s Club #2)

Julie Coulter Bellon
Narrator: Jessica Elisa Boyd

When Edward Rutledge returned home from the war, he did so as a different man. Now the new Viscount Carlisle, he must come to terms with the horrors he witnessed on the battlefield—including the death of his best friend Marcus. Unable to cope, he breaks off his betrothal with the love of his life, Charlotte. When he returns home, he comes face to face with Charlotte, and through her steady love and compassion he feels he might overcome the demons inside of him. That is, until he learns Marcus may in fact be alive. Now drawn into a deeper mystery, Edward’s past might become too great of a burden for him to bear.

Ms. Bellon has created an emotional historical that will pull at readers heartstrings to the fullest1 Her attention to detail creates the perfect backdrop for this tale of unconditional love. Charlotte and Edward have a complicated relationship that grows slowly and steadily into something beautiful! Their chemistry is strong, and their devotion to each other is realistic. Both of them have an accurate portrayal of the time and depth needed to shine a light on issues that are relevant in modern times. A few points in the book feel a tad slow, but overall “The Viscount’s Vow” will take readers on a deeply touching journey!

Ms. Boyd has a voice that is rich, full and lovely to listen to! While her vocal pitch isn’t diverse, she still has a way of making all of the characters unique and easy to tell apart from one another. During the emotionally driven scenes are where her skills truly shine! Her performance is deeply connected to the characters and their emotional journey. She is able to keep the pace moving even during the slower moments of the story. Ms. Boyd helps make this book even more delightful of a read!

This is a great book for lovers of sweet romance and richly developed historicals!

Chelsea Andersen