Unwrapping Noel

Jennifer Theriot
Sara Gordon

CONTEMPORARY:  Noel is in a funk.  After finding out that her husband, Dave, has been cheating, she left; then Dave got cancer and guilt brought her back.  Now it’s the holiday season, which she hates, and nothing is going right.  She has put on weight, Dave is dragging her down and she has lost all confidence in herself.  That is when she goes on a trip and meets Leon Hallas.  Despite their connection, Noel is so insecure that it stands between her and a potential new future.  Will Leon be able to convince her to give love a second chance and in the process, help her regain her Christmas spirit?  

“Unwrapping Noel” a very hot and steamy short listen that is sure to get you into the holiday spirit.  While the storyline is filled with corny one-liners and the writing feels a bit amateur, it is a cute and fun read for the holidays.  The characters are exaggerated and un-relatable but that also can give them a more fun and bouncy vibe.  Jennifer Theriot wrote a book that not only the downtrodden can appreciate, but also all those looking for an easy holiday listen. 

The sound quality is perfect, no outside noises or popping. However, there is a sentence that was cut off in editing towards the beginning.  Sara Gordon’s passion comes across loud and clear in this audio, although her tone and acting make the one-liners sound just a little more disingenuous.  The book states that Noel has a Texas drawl but the narrator does not give her this accent at all.  Sara very clearly got into this character and does a great job at creating separate voices for each character. 

Misty Walker