UNfatally Dead: to thaw or not to thaw?

Wayne Edmiston
Narrator: Jim Seybert

YOUNG ADULT/SCI-FI/TIME TRAVEL:  In an alternate version of events, Walt Disney is indeed cryogenically frozen. Every five years, the decision to thaw him is proposed to a team of scientists. Despite fifty years having passed, he has not been forgotten or ignored. On the big day, Walt Disney is faced with a whole new world, and introduced to a unique mentor by the name of Samuel Clemens, AKA Mark Twain! Together, the two explore time itself, and they must decide for themselves the price that comes with cheating death and changing the timeline of history. From the moon landing, to a conversation with Steve Jobs, there are a lot of opportunities for chaos. Add in the mysterious Eepia who is determined to help keep them in line.

Mr. Edmiston has created an exceptionally unique story! Walt Disney and Mark Twain go on a crazy and heartwarming adventure as they try to understand the world they’ve woken up in. The characterizations of both of these characters are on point and their exploration of history is incredibly humorous! It’s a delightful romp, with just enough drama mixed in to keep the story gripping as well. The questions the author raises as these two go on their journey will really resonate with readers!

Jim Seybert gives an amazing performance that is connected to the story and the characters. He does a great job with voicing not just the main characters, but all of the side characters as well, including a great Mickey Mouse impression! The pacing he gives to the book provides a sense of urgency and drive! This is a wonderfully whimsical journey that lovers of science fiction or history can really get lost in!

Chelsea Andersen