The Unfading Lands

Katharine E. Hamilton
Narrator: Mathias Holt

FANTASY:  Prince Edward finds love in one of the most unexpected places— with a woman who lives across his nation’s borders and in the forbidden Land of Unfading Beauty. His choice to abandon his home in pursuit of this mysterious woman leaves his country in turmoil. With the heir to the throne gone, his father must find a new way to make alliances with his neighbors and that comes in the form of wedding off his youngest daughter Elizabeth. She, however, has other plans — schemes that will test tradition, as well as everything she has ever known. Perhaps things are not quite as they seem after all.

Ms. Hamilton has created a beautiful fantasy romance in “The Unfading Lands”. Literally beautiful, as each scene is painted with vivid details that bring this surprising and fascinating world to life! Elizabeth is a headstrong heroine who prefers pants to dresses and thinks for herself rather than only what is expected of her. She is smart and easy to cheer for as she uncovers the mysteries and betrayals of her Realm. The pacing drags a bit in places (to make room for some of the heavy descriptions), but the overall storyline will keep listeners going. The plot twists and her journey make the book hard to put down! 

The performance given by Mr. Holt is perfect for the book! His voice is pleasant and relaxing. During the slower parts of the story, the energy remains consistent to help keep the listener engaged. His accent is wonderful, and his characterizations are strong — they really bring everyone the reader meets to life.

This is a great book for lovers of fantasy and sweet romance!

Chelsea Andersen