Two Worlds Collided

Karen Michelle Nutt
Narrator: Sharmila Devar

TIME TRAVEL/PARANORMAL:  Evie Reid is a long-time fangirl of super rockstar Bellamy Lovel. She’s part of his fan club and can’t shake the notion that he’s the embodiment of perfection. The only problem is he tragically committed suicide in 1997. When given the chance to go back and time to try and stop him, Evie jumps at the chance. To do so, she must take an opportunity to be his assistant that she had initially turned down all those years ago. Bellamy isn’t too excited about having her working for him, but somehow she’s got to change his mind if she has any hopes of changing the past.

Ms. Nutt has created a fun twist on time traveling romance in “Two Worlds Collided”! Evie and Bellamy have an instant chemistry that sizzles throughout the book. Despite the instant attraction, their relationship takes a realistic approach that readers will find relatable. Ms. Nutt does an amazing job at connecting the past with the present through little nuggets of surprise that make this a delightful read! This book is so easy to get lost in, it can be done in one sitting. Time will fly!

Ms. Devar gives a nice, steady narrative throughout the book. She keeps the pace going, and no part lulls because of her excellent performance. Her characterizations are excellent—female characters especially! Some of the male characters blended together; however, her personification of Bellamy is vivid and full of emotion. Sometimes, the book does go into a male point of view, and the book would benefit from having a male narrator for those sections. Ms. Devar really brought the story to life though, and it’s almost impossible to push pause!

This is a great book for lovers of contemporary romance, second chances, and time travel tales!

Chelsea Andersen