Two Lovers: The Love Story of Carole Lombard and Russ Columbo

Beverly Adam,
Karesa McElheny

BIOGRAPHY:  Put on your art deco costume jewelry, pour yourself some bootleg champagne and light a cigarette!  “Two Lovers” will transport one to 1930’s Hollywood through the eyes of legendary actress Carole Lombard and famous crooner Russ Columbo.  Carole is recently divorced, and when she hears Russ sing live it is as if they are destined to be together, try as she might to fight it. Their true love story is what Hollywood movies are made of.  

Beverly Adam has written a book that is entertaining and thorough.  It is like traveling through time with all of the extensive descriptions of the characters and the scenery.  The only thing lacking is the reader connection. For example, while the words are said that Carole and Russ are inexplicably attracted to each other, the emotion is not conveyed to the listener.  It creates a text book, factual feeling, and not the attachment that one should feel while listening to an audiobook.  Moving on from that, Ms. Adam does bring humor and interest that will keep the reader listening start to finish.

Narrator Karesa McElheny has a slightly smoky voice, one readers would expect from someone from this era.  Although listeners may find that there is a lack of emotion in the style of narration that Ms. McElheny performs for this audio, she does portray male and female characters with their own voices, making it easy for the listener to follow along.  The sound quality is good and there are no obvious editing transitions.

Misty Walker