Tryst: Based on Actual Events

Aaron Eldrich
Narrator: Robert Beitzel

HORROR:  Aaron, his brother Zeb, and friend Greg are all walking through the forest one day when they come across an abandoned house. Soon after, they meet and become friends with a young man named Derick. Strange and unexplainable events start to happen; things that make the four boys question who they are and what is real. 

“Tryst” is unique in that it is a dramatic piece of nonfiction. While the book is based on actual events, it reads like a traditional novel rather than a memoir. Deep, insightful, and full of suspense, Mr. Eldrich has created a novel that will leave readers on the edge of their seats! A lot of this book is just as much of a coming of age story as it is horror. The journey Aaron, Zeb, Greg, and Derick go on is full of a lot of twists and turns. “Tryst” is incredibly detailed, not just in setting, but also psychological elements. Mr. Eldrich knows just how to construct his words to cause readers’ skin to prickle from chills and thrills!

Mr. Beitzel’s delivery is evenly paced, with a sincere connection to the characters that make them even more real. While the characters are spot on, the narrative portions of the book can come across as a little dull and hard to focus on. A light musical soundtrack helps amp up the suspense in-between chapters. Unfortunately, the music also adds a slightly cheesy vibe to the production. As things get more intense, Mr. Beizel’s performance does too!

Readers who like supernatural suspense, horror, and thrillers will love this book!

Chelsea Andersen