Timeless Regency Collection: A Christmas Promise

Joanna Barker, Annette Lyon, Jennifer Moore
Narrator: Kim Bretton

This audiobook contains 3 stories. In “Two Bells of Christmas”, Roland Hastings has just about given up on finding the right bride, so he heads home for a quiet Christmas with his widowed mother; however, she’s having a house party with prospective brides in attendance. Cassandra Bell poses as her twin sister after she falls ill, and ends up succeeding slightly too well. In “Promise Me Again”, Miriam and Jacob have been in love with each other and plan to marry, but Jacob’s brother, Norman, has other plans, and forbids it. Miriam doesn’t fit in with Norman’s plans for Jacob, so they try to thwart him, but fate intervenes, and things change. In “A Christmas Journey”, Lucy Breckenridge awaits her father’s return from war; instead, she learns from Captain James Stewart that he won’t make it in time. Lucy has been shuffled from home to home during prior holidays, and just wants the time with her dad, so she decides to travel to London to bring Christmas to him.

Each of these three novellas stands alone, and each has a unique feel to it. The overarching theme of unconditional love shines through beautifully within each story, making this audiobook a delight for multiple senses within the listener. The authors do a beautiful job conveying the heart and motivation of each distinct protagonist. There is a lot of emotion packed into each novella, leading to a rich listening experience.

Kim Bretton does an amazing job with a variety of different types of accents! From English aristocrat, to lowborn sheep farmer, to the Scottish brogue of an officer, she portrays each one believably and as authentically as possible. There were some unexpected breaks in the recording; fortunately, every other aspect of the recording was well done, leaving this listener with a smile.

Carey Sullivan