Tides of Passion (Garret Brothers, Book 2)

Tracy Sumner
Narrator: Kimberly M Wetherell

HISTORICAL:  Savannah Connor is tired of the injustice in the world, and is taking a stand against it! Widower Zachariah Garrett is the town constable, determined to dive headfirst into his work and keep the town of Pilot Isle, North Carolina, safe. Savannah’s untraditional ways and unpredictability make her a potential threat — especially to his heart. After the loss of his wife, Zachariah never thought he would feel anything again, but Savannah has found a way to invoke all kinds of familiar emotions, most particularly, lust. Will she win him over with her womanly charms, or will he be able to tame the wild beast within her?

Ms. Sumner has created an incredibly steamy historical romance that turns the genre upside down! Rather than following the same tropes usually found in historical romances, Ms. Sumner has chosen to take her characters on a different path, making this listen a breath of fresh air. The story does contain a great deal of intimate scenes, however, sometimes so many they distract from the other elements of the book. Savannah and Zachariah have an incredible chemistry that will make it hard to hit pause!

The performance Ms. Wetherell gives is one full of excitement! It is clear she is connected with the story with every word she reads. The pacing is on point, and the tone is delivered perfectly for every moment. She has great voices for all of the different characters, so each one is easy to tell apart. Her ability to bring every character to life makes this listen engaging!

This is a great book for lovers of steamy love scenes and hot connections!

Chelsea Andersen