Through His Eyes

Deborah Camp

Matt Haynes


PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE THRILLER:  Author Deborah Camp has written a sexy romance that blossoms in the midst of a murder investigation. Both characters, Levi Wofe and Trudy Tucker, are paranormal investigators. The suspense that engulfs the listener is almost palpable, as they join forces to find a killer before he commits his next murder. Trudy has trust issues, and Levi is a well-known playboy. He longs to be a part of Trudy’s world and protect her on the treacherous path they have chosen. Will their love survive; will THEY survive, if the killer can see them while they inhabit the minds of everyone involved in these crimes?

The author’s skill at developing believable, relatable characters is much to her credit. Key West is full of danger and opportunity, and the narrative builds suspense and tension very well. The physical attraction between the main characters increases with each chapter and the sex scenes are replete with a variety of descriptors that pleasingly sets this book apart from many other steamy romances. 

Narrator Matt Haynes is excellent. His ability to convey the emotions and situations with the intensity of his voice is commendable. He adeptly brings the listener into the world of the paranormal investigators, channeling their methods and support of each other as they attempt to identify a serial killer before another murder takes place. Mr. Haynes’ one detractor is that his voicing of the female characters is slightly lacking — enough to make one wonder briefly who is talking. However, his talent is undeniable and the production values are excellent, with no variances in volume, consistency, nor any background noise.

If listeners are looking for a quick-moving, exciting, and steamy audiobook, they would do well to download this first novel in the Mind's Eye series.

Leslie Smith, Guest Reviewer