Think Like a Bartender: Recipes for Life

L.D. Morrow
Narrator: L.D. Morrow

HUMOR:  On assignment for a class, the author takes a job at a restaurant. During this season of life, she is given the opportunity to bartend, and the moment hooks her for life. In this short memoir, the author mixes life lessons, humor, and a touch of alcohol. Personal and touching, the author teaches essential skills. From how to cut people off, to how to update your personal menu, there is something everyone can discover! Let this memoir serve as a reminder to treat your servers well and enjoy life to the fullest.

In “Think Like a Bartender”, Ms. Morrow has made an entertaining memoir! Full of humor, the author expertly weaves themes of life situations with different drinks from a classic bartender menu. This book even offers up drink recipes that are perfectly paired with whatever the listener’s current life problem might be. Listeners who do not drink will also find the insight provided in this novel impactful! This memoir has the perfect length. While short, every word is powerful!

This novel is read by the author, and it is a perfect performance. Ms. Marrow is able to deliver her narration with emotion that makes it seem as though she is having an intimate one-on-one conversation with the listener. This personal touch makes the life lessons contained in this memoir even more meaningful. Listeners will feel as though they are going on a life journey with a dear friend, rather than taking advice from a complete stranger.

Overall, this memoir is a must read for everyone! Drinkers and nondrinkers alike will appreciate all of the wisdom! Sit back, pick up a favorite cocktail (or mocktail) and get lost in this humorous and touching life journey!

Chelsea Andersen