Tempted By A Vampire

Susan Griscom
Narrators: John York, Julie Walters

PARANORMAL:  Cian DeMarco is not only a talented musician but also a vampire, content to live the single life in San Francisco, using his charm to woo his future meals. One night at a gig at Club Royal, he sees Magdalena De la Rosa at the doors and is instantly awestruck. From that moment on, he knows he has to at least have a taste from her. Magdalena, unfortunately, is not keen on being tasted. Fresh off the heels of a long-term relationship gone sour, she has a great many wounds to recover from. Temptation is great, however, and Cian is persistent. Will he be able to win her trust and love, and will it be strong enough to keep her safe in the trials to come?

“Tempted by a Vampire” is a sizzling supernatural suspense! Cian is the kind of alpha male hero readers will swoon over. His persistence and caring for Magdalena come across as genuine and natural. Magdalena, on the other hand, is not quite as strong of a character. Her hesitance regarding Cian’s pursuits is relatable but written in a way where it becomes a bit redundant and in turn causes the story to drag. Once the plot picks up, though, it really picks up! The ending is a wild, emotional ride that makes the payoff worthwhile! Ms. Griscom has created an entertaining story despite its lack of uniqueness within the genre.

John York and Julie Walters give fantastic performances that really bring the story to life for the listener. Both were passionate and well-paced, with equal talent in executing the many accents used by the characters.

Overall, “Tempted by a Vampire” is a fast, fun novel that lovers of vampire romance are going to really want to sink their teeth into!

Chelsea Andersen