T-H-B (The Coded Message Trilogy Book 1)

Randy C. Dockens
Narrator: Jason Huggins

MYSTERY:  What could the letters T-H-B mean? That is exactly what Luke wants to find out! He is an astrophysicist in Houston. He loves his job, his friends and his community, but he discovers that all is not what it seems when he comes across those three letters. Luke and his girlfriend Sarah get pulled into a conspiracy far beyond their wildest imagination. They discover a few higher-ups in the government are controlling everyone using an unknown substance. Luke, Sarah and a group of friends decide to investigate the substance, which leads them to discover that T-H-B does not only stand for the unknown substance. Luke and his friends believe that the government is hiding something so big that it could hold the answers to life itself.

This story takes the readers on an adventure in the future when space exploration is a focal point. The information in this story is extremely impressive. It is obvious that the author did his research in regard to space exploration and science. The main characters are diverse and fun. They always seem to have a sense of humor no matter the seriousness of the situation, which adds a nice lightness to the story. However, the pacing is a bit awkward. The beginning starts off extremely slowly but then speeds up towards the last half, ending in a pretty massive cliffhanger.

Jason Huggins fit the demeanor of Luke, since the story is from his perspective. However, the narrator did not have voices or tones for the different characters. They all sounded quite the same. Some moments could have used a more urgent tone to create more suspense. However, the ending does leave the reader wanting more answers. Overall, this book was mysterious and thought-provoking! 

Amanda Hupe