Soul of the Wolf (The Novels of Ravenwood Book 2)

Judith Sterling
Narrator: Rebecca McKernan

HISTORICAL:  Wulfstan is a sorcerer who has been left with a puzzle from his dying mother to solve— a puzzle that will greatly shape his life. Getting married and having children will only stop him from solving it, as well as possibly inhibit his abilities. Lady Jocelyn is the Norman bride he is forced to take, who entices him any chance she has in order to achieve her dream of becoming a mother. Each has a dark secret hiding within, and each is afraid to let their soul truly bind with the other. Will they overcome this fear for a chance at love?

As soon as the story begins, the listener is swept away into a richly described world of fantasy mixed seamlessly with historical romance! The characters have strong motivations that pull them through the story. As they fight for their ambitions and against their growing lust for one another, they also begin to grow a friendship that makes their chemistry all the more believable. It also makes the steamy sensual scenes that much more passionate. A few slow portions in the story are a bit distracting, but overall it is a well-paced novel.

Ms. McKernan has a lovely voice. Her accent is beautiful, and she is able to create the characterizations needed to keep everyone diverse. Not once is anyone mixed up with someone else. Her pacing is even throughout most of the novel, getting more energetic and intense at the appropriate moments in the story. This helps keep the listener connected with the story even during the slower portions.

This beautifully written world will captivate listeners, and is perfect for fans of historical and fantasy fiction alike!

Chelsea Andersen