Songwriter Night: A Musical Romance

D. G. Driver
Narrator: A Full Cast of Nashville Performers

Lyle and Trish are two aspiring musicians in Nashville that happen to meet at a coffee shop in the heart of the city. Wanting to help the cute and talented new girl in town, Lyle invites Trish to a monthly gathering of songwriters to help her meet some people in the industry. Everything seems to be going fantastically well. They are connecting, and everyone is having a great time… until Aiden Bronson walks in. Along with his new found fame, Aiden has an interest in Trish as well. Lyle must find a way to compete against Aiden’s glitz and glamour and remind Trish that music is about the heart.

Ms. Driver has created a lively and well-orchestrated composition in this music-driven novella! Trish and Lyle are fun and charming, and their interactions are a joy to watch unfold. Trish is shy and unsure, and Lyle acts confident, but has a hidden vulnerable side. When put together, they connect in a way that makes a beautiful harmony. All of the extra side characters are also well developed and strong. Ms. Driver does a wonderful job of bringing Nashville to life! Readers will feel like they’ve been transported into the city with the way she’s captured its rich ambiance and unique culture. While the story has a slower start, once it gets moving, it is hard to put down!

“Songwriter Night” has a full cast production, and it makes the book that much more fun! Sprinkled throughout the story are songs written and performed by the actors, and it adds a wonderful layer to the story. Rather than be a distraction, the music offers a full immersion for the reader. The lead narrator in particular truly sets the scene. Each character has an actor well chosen for their personality. Such a delight to listen to!

This is a great book for lovers of sweet and contemporary romances! A perfect beach read!

Chelsea Andersen