Seeking Rachel (Seeking #4)

Josie Riviera
Narrator: Tessa Petersen

Rachel Lockhart grew up on her father’s estate with free and nomadic Gypsy children, and with them she got the taste of a life she’s not destined for. Over the years, she’s indulged herself in the fantasy of a perfect man with grey eyes. Nash is that man. Many battles on the sea have left him broken, and his life has been filled with terrible loss. As he works to put the pieces of his life back together, he’s unsure where to start. What he does know is that he has no interest in wooing the typical women of the ton. When he meets Rachel, he sees that there is something more out there. All he needs is the faith to see things through.

Ms. Riviera’s work will instantly transport the reader back in time in this beautiful, sweet, romance! Her attention to detail for the time period is appreciated and adds a new level to her writing. Rachel and Nash have incredible layers of depth to their characters that are slowly revealed through the book. Along with the overarching romance happening, there are also a lot of inspirational themes interwoven seamlessly into the story. All of these elements will leave readers absorbed in the story from start to end.

Ms. Petersen’s performance does a fairly good job at bringing the story to life. Her character personifications for the most part are well done and distinct enough, though a few do blend together. Most of the book she has an even pacing that keeps the flow moving well. Unfortunately, a few of the highly emotional moments in the book come off as a little flat. Overall though, this book makes for a quick and entertaining listen! “Seeking Rachel” is a perfect book for lovers of inspirational and regency romances!

Chelsea Andersen