Seeking Jake Ryan (Dear Molly Book 1)

Jessica Bucher, M.F. Lorson
Narrator: Joyce Oben

YOUNG ADULT:  Sloane has always had a fondness for John Hughes movies — so much so that she has decided that her ideal man is Jake Ryan of “Sixteen Candles” fame. She is beginning to think such a guy doesn’t exist, until she meets Gabe. He’s got the car and the look. All she needs to do is turn his head her way with some of that Molly Ringwald quirk and charm!

“Seeking Jake Ryan” is a fun, lighthearted book that has all of the elements of the great rom-coms of the 80’s it tries to emulate! The nostalgia of a time now passed is what makes this book shine. Sloane and Gabe enjoy the past in a way that shapes their futures realistically. It guides their romance and the other obstacles they face. Yet, younger readers will also connect to this book because the bridge between the past and the present is seamless, making it the kind of novel that will stand strong over time. Everything about this book is cute and refreshing! It is easy to press play and not want to pause!

Ms. Oben puts a great deal of passion and emotion in her performance. Her characters are all full of personality that sets each apart. She shines the most in her execution of Sloane especially! Because this book has a rotation between a male and female narrator, the book would have benefited from having a male narrator. The connection between Ms. Oben and Gabe is not quite as strong. All the same, Ms. Oben still breathes great life into him.

This book is perfect for everyone who loves a sweet, character driven, romantic comedy!

Chelsea Andersen