Sea Wolfe

Kathryn Le Veque
Narrator: Brad Wills

HISTORICAL:  Rhoan de Wolfe is most well known as Lucifer on the high seas of Britannia. Part of Poseidon’s Legion, he sails the ocean looking for other ships to plunder. Upon intercepting a merchant ship on route from Ireland, Lucifer not only gains possession of its cargo but also the two young women on board. One of whom is Genevieve Efford, who is on route to marry her betrothed. Genevieve is not one to give up easily and constantly plots her escape from both Lucifer and her loveless future marriage. Can she and Lucifer deny their growing attraction for one another, though?

Kathryn Le Veque has created well-rounded characters with deep histories in this novel. As the fourth in a series, it stands well on its own. Lucifer is the tough guy with a soft heart who doesn’t know how to explain his feelings, and Genevieve is the passionate woman who doesn’t know how to reel hers in. Their story is one of opposites attract. set against the backdrop of pirate politics and conspiracy, making this not just a straight up love story. For the most part, the novel is well-balanced. Where it falls short is the conflict between Lucifer and Genevieve. Their chemistry for one another is strong, and natural, though, and it keeps the story propelling forward.

Brad Wills is a great narrator. His timing is well-paced, and his character differentiation is spot on. There isn’t a point where his performance drags, and he brings the world and the characters to life in a wonderful, unique way!

The Pirates of Britannia is a fantastic historical romance series that’s full of intrigue and adventure! “Sea Wolfe” continues to carry on the high bar the other books have set!

Chelsea Andersen