The Runaway Wife (Book 4 of Brides of Little Creede)

Cici Cordelia
Narrator: Alan Taylor

HISTORICAL WESTERN: Samuel Singleton has set aside his old life as a hired gun and riverboat gambler for something a little more pure—security for his old mentor at the Knight Gleason’s Gambling Galleria in Little Creede. When he finds a young woman posing as a boy in the kitchen pantry, he knows he’s stumbled upon a situation in need of his skills. The young woman, Izzy, needs protecting, as she’s run away from home and a terrible betrothal. Not normally one to have a soft spot, Sam finds his desire to help her extends into an urge to care for and nurture her. Maybe through his patience, Izzy’s walls will come crumbling down.

Ms. Cordelia has created a captivating romance that will leave readers breathless! Sam is a fantastic leading man, loyal, trustworthy, and charming! His chemistry with Izzy is natural and builds appropriately. “The Runaway Wife” is more than a romance between two people; it’s also a journey of revelation and building self-confidence. Izzy goes through a great deal of growth as life gives her one bump after another. Though part of a series, this book reads as a standalone. There are also graphic abuse scenes that might trigger some readers. Overall, “The Runaway Wife” is a suspenseful, action-packed romance that will have readers hesitating to push pause!

Alan Taylor’s performance transports readers back in time as his voice paints the setting all the more vividly. His tone is fitting for the genre, and his characterization of Sam is perfection! Unfortunately, his portrayal of the female characters is not quite as strong. Every emotion is shown, and his pacing carries the book well. This is a great listen for lovers of steamy stories and Western adventures!

Chelsea Andersen