The Rooster's Hindquarters

Pete KJ
Narrator's Name: Daniel Anthony Carey

SUSPENSE/THRILLER/HUMOR:  This book has an intriguing beginning, with the listener believing that Irving is an assassin.  He travels the world looking for people to ‘shoot.’ Irving is actually a photographer who exposes secrets.  He follows a strict behavioral code while chasing a secret, and then blogs about it to his significant following, adding a new entry weekly.  On one foray he meets Veronica. She calls ‘dirty’ bingo and is someone from Irving’s past. Veronica is involved with Irving’s most recent photography subject, who later turns up dead.  One day Veronica disappears, and Irving uses his computer hacking skills to find her. He later believes that she is running drugs, and follows her to see if he can help her if needed.  The truth is considerably stranger, however, and Irving unwittingly becomes a part of it.

These characters are as quirky as the title — derived from a drink that Irving orders when he is trying to ‘help’ Veronica.  Irving has never been able to relate normally to others; he likely suffers from Asperger’s syndrome. There are multiple story threads within this recording, and it is sometimes difficult to keep the characters straight.  The characters are quirky and funny enough to keep the listener engaged, although the story drags in a few places. There are a few minor issues left unresolved at the end, but they do not take away from the overall enjoyment of this unique story.

The recording quality was good, and most of the voices are distinct enough to be able to tell them apart easily.  The narrator maintains a consistent pace and story flow throughout this production.

Carey Sullivan