A Rogue to Remember (The Hellion Club Book 1)

Chasity Bowlin
Narrator: Alexandra Ralph

When Douglas “Devil” Ashton, Lord Deveril, returns to England from his exile to India, he determines to find his sister, Alice. Alice, seduced by a gold digger, was abandoned by her cheapskate father. Devil finds his sister only to lose her to death but promises on her deathbed to take care of her daughter Marina. Marina proves to be a challenge for the entire household inspiring Devil to enlist outside help in the form of Whilhelmina “Willa” Marks, a governess from the Darrow School and member of the Hellion Club. For Willa to help, she must pose as Devil’s intended or have her reputation ruined and never be able to help another child. But posing as Devil’s betrothed throws the two together and sparks fly as friendship grows. When Marina’s father shows up with a plot to get the money he wanted from the start, Devil and Willa have to fight to protect Marina and their love.

The Darrow School and Hellion Club gives the illegitimate daughters of the nobility a place to grow and have a chance at making a life for themselves. Ms. Bowlin has envisioned a solution and a way for readers to enjoy strong female leads who aren’t born on the right side of the sheets. The characters are witty and complex. Willa is intelligent and stubborn. As the author weaves the tale, she sets in place the opportunity for future stories. This is a fantastic steamy romance. No one knows the repercussions of giving in to passion more than the illegitimate Willa, who is working hard to build a reputation and a life. This gives the sparks and passion between Willa and Devil a depth and risk factor the reader can feel.

Alexandra Ralph’s narration is spectacular. Her English accent puts you right on the streets of England. Each character has a unique voice making it easy to follow who is talking. Although for one of Devil’s friends, Highcliff, the voice she uses is a slow drawl that feels out of pace with the rest of the narrative.  Overall a great listen!

Cara Cieslak