Rogue’s Call (The King’s Riders #3)

C.A. Szarek
Narrator: Ruth Urquhart

FANTASY:  Lady Elissa Durroc has lived in the King’s household since her family died when she was young. She is also an elemental mage, which means she can control all the natural elements. However, the same dark mage who killed her family also wants her powers. In order to protect her, the King sends Elissa to Castle Greenwald to choose a husband. Since she is in danger, Sir Alasdair Kearney is assigned to protect her at all times. Alasdair is a strong knight with no intentions on ever marrying — that is, until he meets Lady Elissa. They are drawn to each other but Alasdair knows she must marry one of the chosen suitors. He wants to protect her from the dark mage without losing his heart.

This medieval fantasy is intriguing from the very first chapter and moves at a great pace. The author's world building is fantastic; she has created a mystical and magical land. This world has it all — magic, sword fights, wolves and romance. Elissa and Alasdair are enchanting main characters! Their chemistry is smoldering, despite the fact that they desperately need to work on their communication. It is impossible not to root for Alasdair and Elissa. It is also wonderful to see supportive characters so diverse and complex. Elissa and Alasdair often lean on those around them and it makes for wonderful storytelling!  

Listening to the story is quite enjoyable as well. The narrator makes perfect accents and tones for each character and clearly displays their emotions. The narrator’s voice also expresses the perfect tones for all situations in the story. Overall, this story will leave the reader wanting to dive into the previous books in the King’s Riders series! It is definitely an epic ride.

Amanda Hupe