Greg F. Gifune,
Narrator: Steven Jay Cohen

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Cameron Horne has a normal life. A beautiful wife, a great job, and a wonderful home. When a young man who seems to be able to predict the future shows up in Cameron’s backyard, a lot of strange things begin to happen. Cameron starts to have horrific nightmares and blackouts that result in him doing a lot of things that are out of character for him—violent things. Cameron can’t tell if he’s losing his mind, or if perhaps he’s possessed, and he’s not sure if he wants to find the answer.

“Rogue” is a well written novel, perfectly paced and full of mystery. The hero, Cameron, is a down to earth kind of guy who has a great life. He’s easy to get attached to and cheer for. The way Mr. Gifune builds suspense is masterful. All of the things Cameron is accused of doing when he blacks out, don’t seem to fit his personality at all. The darkness plaguing him is frightening to the point of looking over one’s shoulder or keeping a light on at night. It’s a deep, psychological, paranormal thriller.

Steven Jay Cohen gives a fantastic, passionate, narration of the story. Listeners will be captivated by his every word. Each character is uniquely voiced, and the raw emotions of Cameron’s portrayal will pull on the listener’s heartstrings.

“Rogue” is a dark and twisted tale not for the faint of heart. The whole book is a wild ride that will leave listeners second guessing everything right up until the very end. It’s a great listen for a dark night for maximum chills effect.

Chelsea Anderson