The Red Fury

Kathryn Le Veque
Narrator: Brian Gill

HISTORICAL:  It is 1233 A.D. Josephine de Carron is a young woman left with her father’s legacy to protect. Cousin to the king of Scotland, she is seen as a great bargaining tool for political gain. Her home, Castle Torridon, is seemingly under constant siege. She needs help protecting her home, and that help comes in the form of Andrew d’Vant, an English knight who acts as a mercenary named The Red Fury. They’re drawn to each other and must rely on each other as they try to dodge not only attacks on the castle but also the political storm brewing because of her king cousin’s meddling ways.

“The Red Fury” is an epic romantic adventure full of turns throughout! Ms. Le Veque has created a richly developed world that listeners will get lost in. A great amount of time and detail has been spent on the setting, as well as on the various characters throughout the book. Each has their own unique voice that adds to the tale. There were a few points where pacing felt a bit off. One moment too quick, others too slow, and the focus of the plot was on the wrong elements. That being said, the novel is still a fantastic adventure with plenty of chemistry and heat sprinkled throughout!

Brian Gill has a fabulous voice to listen to. He has great diversity in his voice, along with well-paced narration. Every emotion felt by the characters is portrayed in his tone, and the accents are amazing! Lovers of historical romance will want to dive into this engaging tale!

Chelsea Andersen