Rebel Bear (Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire Book 2)

Anna Lowe
Kelsey Osborne

PARANORMAL:  Model Hailey Crewe isn’t one of the rich and famous who is loving the limelight. In fact, she can’t wait to get back to her more modest roots and fade from the public eye. Her scheming mother/manager has other ideas however and, in a ploy to gain publicity, has set Hailey up to marry a greedy oil tycoon in beautiful Hawaii. It’s a wedding Hailey doesn’t know about, and once she realizes what’s going on, she’s on the run. Enter bear shifter Timber Hoving, a Special Forces vet, who just so happens to be at the venue to help save the day. When his bear meets Hailey, he instantly knows that she’s his match. Will she ever accept him when she despises shifters?

“Rebel Bear” is a fun and exciting read from start to finish. It starts with action and is entrancing to listen to for the first several hours of the story. Listeners will get lost in Hailey’s journey as she meets Timber and tries to find a solution to her unwanted marriage problem. About halfway through, the novel starts to lose a little steam when certain elements of the plot become repetitive. This section doesn’t last long, however, and soon the story finds its footing again, becoming a story that listeners aren’t going to want to stop! The lush descriptions will make listeners feel like they are in Hawaii! The chemistry between Timber and Hailey is wonderful and well developed. Listeners will want a shifter of their own!

Kelsey Osborne’s narration is vibrant and well-paced throughout the story. She definitely makes the book come to life. Every character emotion is portrayed with genuine passion and authenticity.

This is a great read for lovers of romance and shifters alike!

Chelsea Andersen