Protected by a Vampire (Immortal Hearts of San Francisco, Book 5)

Susan Griscom
Narrators: John York and Gracia Gilland

PARANORMAL: At the age of seventeen, Acelyn “Ace” Baird was rescued in an alleyway by the most gorgeous man she’d ever laid eyes on. Years later, she still finds herself drawn to him… and searching. Low and behold, fate brings them together again! Gage McAllister is that man, and he wants nothing to do with her for the sole reason that he is a vampire and she is a human. Gage can’t stop his need to protect her though, and it would seem that fate continues to demand he do so. The more time they spend together, the harder it is for him to stick to his convictions.

Ms. Griscom continues her vampire series with another installment that sizzles! Gage and Ace have an instant and gripping connection they try to fight. The scenes they share together explode with raw emotion and passion. The whole story is fast-paced and action-packed, keeping readers lost in the world Ms. Griscom has created! “Protected by a Vampire” has world building so engaging, readers will leave it in a fog. Ms. Griscom knows how to craft together a vampire novel that takes the familiar and twists it just enough to make it unique. While all of the books can enjoyed as stand-alones, they are best read as a whole to get the full enjoyment of the overarching plot.

Mr. York and Ms. Gilland are a great duo and pair well together as Ace and Gage. Their ability to not just bring their main characters to life, but also the side ones, helps make Ms. Griscom’s world that much more vivid! This is a perfect listen for lovers of paranormal romances that are deliciously steamy!

Chelsea Andersen