The Promise (Noble Line of de Nerra Book 4)

Kathryn Le Veque
Narrator: Brian Gill

HISTORICAL:  Lady Teodora “Teddy” de Rivington is an only daughter who is not only a lady but a fierce warrior. When her betrothed dies, Teddy braces herself to wed the man’s uncle, Preston de Lacy, Earl of Barklestone, to fulfill a contractual obligation. Little does she know that her future husband has intentions only to use her to gain information from and manipulate her father. When she takes up arms to fight in her wedding dress, she is rebuked by Preston and attempts to flee. Preston’s star knight, Cullen, is sent to retrieve her. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Teddy turns to Cullen for protection and affection. Their forbidden love affair appears doomed when Teddy’s father and Preston tear the two apart, making each believe the other is dead.

In this well-researched medieval historical, the author weaves a complicated plot filled with intrigue, danger, angst, and passion. The complication, however, results in a tale that is not only difficult to follow, but draws out far too long. Teddy and Cullen spend a great deal of time apart, preventing the reader from fully enjoying their love story. The focus shifts for long periods to the political game trapping the lovers and controlling their lives. Rapid changes in point of view confuse and disorient. Dark and violent moments disturb, as in one scene when Teddy is tied to the bed and accosted by the king and one of his men. That being said, the story is likely a very realistic rendition of medieval times with a well-developed, strong heroine the reader can definitely root for.

Narrator Brian J. Gill portrays the characters excellently, with distinctive voices and authentic accents. His style enhances the story, helping keep the reader engaged throughout this considerably long audiobook.

F.S. Brown