Powerful Purples (Zadok Series, #3)

Nikki Minty
Narrators: Khristine Hvam, James Patrick Cronin & James Fouhey

YOUNG ADULT: Harlow is living with Alex/Slater to keep him placated, but her heart yearns for Jax. If she escapes, she doesn’t know what Alex will do. Every day she remains in Summer, however, is one day too many. Her kind is not welcome there. Meanwhile, Jax must keep the peace by partaking in a ceremony he’d much rather not - a ceremony that ends explosively and in a way that changes the Winter caves for good. All of it is done for Harlow, and when she is taken captive by the Queen of Summer, Jax must work with his enemy if has any hope of saving her. They will both be fighting for her life… as well as her heart. In the end, Harlow has some difficult decisions ahead of her that will impact more than just her life.

An action packed conclusion to one of the most creative science fiction trilogies to hit the indie market in a while! “Powerful Purples” is full of political intrigue and romance! It picks up right after book two and ties up all of the loose ends of the series. All books of the series should be read to make the most of this installment. More characters enter into the mix of those who take the spotlight. Several romantic pairings are introduced and explored. There are a few places where the pacing drops, but things pick up quickly after. Overall it is a fun and sweet adventure!

Khristine Hvam, James Patrick Cronin, and James Fouhey make an impressive ensemble cast! Each read for multiple characters. While their voices might not change drastically, the way these characters have their own personality present in the performance makes them easy to identify. They are able to keep the flow of the book moving when the story slows, and each has a great deal of passion and connection to the story!

This is a great read for lovers of romance and speculative fiction!

Chelsea Andersen