Perilous Gambit (A Mike Stoneman Thriller)

Kevin G. Chapman
Narrator: Kevin G. Chapman

SUSPENSE: The last thing Jason Dickson wants to do right before his big Vegas wedding is solve a murder. Unfortunately, he can’t get his wish because the murder happened in Vegas and the prime suspect is his bride’s brother. With the help of his friend Mike Stoneman, Jason sets out to clear his future brother-in-law’s name. But what do a Vegas drag queen and a senator from South Dakota have in common? Other than both being dead? When the murderer makes an attempt at killing Jason’s almost-brother, the whole case shifts and the men find themselves in over their heads.

“Perilous Gambit” makes for a gritty, quick-paced, detective story that gives great perspective on some real world issues! There are some moments of humor to lighten the mood, so the book is well balanced. The primary relationship focus in this novel is between Mike Stoneman and his partner Jason Dickson. Despite being in a series, the book works well as a standalone. A few aspects of their relationship might be more impactful after reading through the previous installments, but overall, the author does a good job of capturing their growth. Mike is a darker character whose age impacts his view of the world, while Jason is the exact opposite. Their contrasts are part of what makes them engaging and a great duo to solve the case.

Read by the author, who gives a delightful performance! His passion for his work comes through with every word! He’s done a great job of mastering the pace of the story, making sure the emotions of the characters and the imminent danger are felt by the reader. Some of his characters blend together, particularly the female ones, but overall, he does a good job at trying to keep each as unique as possible.

This is a great story for lovers of mystery and true crime!

Chelsea Andersen