One Starry Knight (The Starry Knight Saga 1)

Carrie Lynn Thomas
Narrator: Joyce Oben

YOUNG ADULT:  Sage Cassidy lives a complicated life. Her mom is an alcoholic who has jumped from man to man ever since the death of Sage’s father. The only friends she had at school suddenly stopped talking to her, and Adam, the boy she’s in love with, is half alien. Not only that, but he is part of an intergalactic custody battle that might impact the fate of the universe itself. Now that Adam is eighteen, he’s expected to return to his father’s homeworld...unless Sage can find a way to make him stay.

Ms. Thomas has created an interesting plot full of twists and turns that will leave the reader guessing throughout the story! Sage and Adam have a true, sweet, romance that roots inself deep friendship and blossoms into something real and special. Unfortunately, it takes time for all of these things to be implemented in the story, which slows the pacing of the novel. A few of the side plots are also a bit unrealistically crafted and hinder the story. Overall, however, the world Ms. Thomas’s has created is very rich with details! And Sage is a heroine readers can get behind, and Adam is the guy anyone can fall for!

Joyce Oben gives a well-paced and energetic performance that helps keep the novel moving through some of the slower portions. Her characterization of Sage is spot on and really brings her to life! Some of the side characters were also well done, but there were a few who were a bit flat. Her performance of the male characters made it difficult to tell which ones were speaking at times. She breathes life into the story, creating an instant connection between the listener!

This book is for fans of paranormal romance and science fiction. A fun, original, read!

Chelsea Andersen