Not For You To Know

Abdulilah Hamadi
Narrator: Matthew Welding and Carol Carpenter

Camilla and Ethan have a thesis project they think will change the world. When their world is turned upside down because of a failed job opportunity, they initially think it’s the beginning of the end of their careers. In all actuality, they’ve dodged a bullet and embark on a dangerous adventure to save the world from AI attempting to take over all of humanity—literally. As people are turning into fancy versions of robots, Camilla and Ethan must race against the clock if they hope to stop this deadly program in time. In doing so, they learn what it truly means to be human, and how precious such a thing is.

“Not For You To Know” is a suspenseful science-fiction techno-thriller that will keep readers guessing throughout! Camilla and Ethan are both clever characters whose human attributes truly shine. The way they process their emotions and grow to rely on each other is part of the beauty of the story, making a stark contrast to the AI characters they’re fighting against. Those villains are truly chill-worthy and well crafted, putting readers into a world of “what if” that feels plausible. While the beginning is a little slow, the tension builds greatly to an intense climactic moment. The ending does come a bit abruptly, but the conclusion is still satisfactory.

The primary narration is performed by Mr. Welding. His pacing is even and helps set the ambiance for the novel. In some places he even sounds a bit robotic—intentionally! The characters he personifies are easy to tell apart and are full of personality. Ms. Carpenter fills in for the female characters, and she is a wonderful emotional connection to the story. Unfortunately, her performance makes it difficult to tell which female character is speaking next. Overall, this book has a wonderful production that helps bring it to life!

This is a great book for lovers of suspense and science fiction.

Chelsea Andersen