Music to My Years: Life and Love Between the Notes

Artie Kane
Narrator: Artie Kane

MEMOIR:  Artie Kane has written music for hundreds of popular television shows (“Wonder Woman” “Loveboat” and “Dynasty” to name a few) and seven movies. In his memoir, he recounts to find love and pursue his dream of making music. Filled with stories about Hollywood culture from the past five decades, Artie captures the reality—good and bad—of the professional entertainment industry.

“Music to My Years” is a powerful memoir. The author has lived quite an incredible, and sometimes tragic, life. All of the tales weave together to create a beautiful picture of passion, love, loss, and triumph. It begins with humble roots back when he was a child and first learning to play the piano and spans several decades as he journeys into the world of the entertainment industry. Funny and sometimes shocking, it shows that nothing worth having comes easy.

Having the novel read by the author adds a personal touch to the performance. The emotions presented in Artie Kane’s narration are raw and real. Unfortunately, there are moments where the reading can fall a little flat. His voice gets a bit monotone in a few spots, and it can slow down the pace. When emotional tension is high, the listener can feel it, and those are the moments that bring the listener back in. Overall, it makes for a very personal and intimate experience between listener and author. Like the author is telling the story to friends.

This is a great listen for those who enjoy the memoir genre or are interested in the music industry as a whole. Fans of Hollywood gossip might also get a kick out of some of the stories in the novel.

Chelsea Anderson