Moral Code

Lois and Ross Melbourne

SCI-FI: Dr. Kiera Stetson is doing an experiment with children and AI robots when the area is hit with an earthquake. Trapped in the rubble, she is certain they are all going to die until her personal AI discovers an unknown network—a network that leads to everyone being saved. Curious, Kiera asks just enough questions to get involved with Roy Brandt’s nanite technology. After he proposes a work partnership with her, she’s thrilled with the prospect their work could help humanity. That is, until she realizes she’s been duped and must put an end to a dangerous plot.

From the beginning, “Moral Code” will grip readers! It starts with action as Kiera is trapped in what should be a deadly earthquake. The authors do a wonderful job of capturing the intensity of the situation while also touching on the emotions of the characters. This continues throughout the novel. Despite a unique premise involving technology that is complex, the authors do a fantastic job of making it easy for everyone to understand. “The Moral Code” raises a lot of interesting questions about the ways technology should be used and how much information it should access. There are a few slower moments, but overall it is an engaging book that will keep readers hooked!]

Ms. Pace’s performance in “Moral Code” is well done. Her reading speed matches the events taking place in the book, helping readers feel the moments strongly. While she doesn’t do a variety of voices for the different characters, she does change her tone as needed to keep them separated. Her female characterizations are much stronger and diverse than those of the male ones. Sometimes this creates a little confusion, but it doesn’t happen often. Overall it is a good production! This is a great story for lovers of technological thrillers and suspense!


Chelsea Andersen