Montgomery House

Katharine E. Hamilton
Narrator: Karen Commins

CONTEMPORARY:  Liz Montgomery returns to her hometown in Georgia to be closer to her grandmother and to keep her promise to her recently deceased grandfather to renovate the family home. Due to some strange goings on at the house, the only contractor willing to take on the job is Jackson Dean, grandson of the man who broke Liz's grandmother’s heart fifty years ago. Deans are not welcome on Montgomery land and haven’t been since the Civil War. Liz attempts to hide Jackson’s identity, but in a small town everybody knows everyone's business. As the two grow closer, Liz is forced to choose between a man she is growing to care about and family. 

For lovers of Southern romance, Montgomery House offers an engaging portrait of small town life and the deep ties of family. The conflict that keeps Jackson and Liz apart is clear, but the fact that Liz is not part of the resolution is disappointing. Despite this, there are wonderful bits of dialogue, particularly from Jackson's spunky grandmother, and moments of drama that carry the story to a very heartwarming conclusion.

The audio is narrated professionally by Karen Cummins, who provides a wide range of entertaining Southern accents for the secondary characters. However, Liz, who is the main character and who had spent her entire life in Georgia, surrounded by friends and family with Southern accents, spoke with a standard accent, which was confusing and detracted from the story’s world building. Cummins, however, deserves praise for her distinct and memorable portrayal of the Montgomery and Dean grandmothers.

Tricia Hill