The Might of the Coming Vril-ya (The Watchers 2.5)

R.R. Pearl
Narrator: John York

LGBTQ: Alexander and his sister Clemy have been on a great many adventures for the Praesidum, a secret organization they work with. Along with their significant others, Rafe and Nori, there never seems to be a dull moment for them! Their recent research has brought them to Poland where they stumble upon a startling connection between an ancient race of creatures and the Nazi party. To make matters worse, ex-lovers and new contenders bring out the worst fears of all four friends. There’s also the matter of a vampire horde hot on their trail.

“The Might of the Coming Vril-ya” is an action-packed, smoldering hot adventure that will resonate with readers long after the last word is read! A novella that takes place after the events of book two in The Watchers series, “The Might of the Coming Vril-ya” picks up where the characters were last left. While the book can be read separately, certain elements won’t make as much sense without reading the first two. R.R. Pearl does a good job rehashing all of the necessary information. Most of the story focuses on Alex and his relationship with Rafe. Their chemistry, emotional and physical, steams right off the pages! There are a few plot elements that feel more like teasers for the next book, thus leaving some loose ends. However, overall, this is a fun and wild ride from start to finish!

Mr. York gives an incredible performance, full of accents, emotion, and personality! Not one character blends with another. The pacing is perfect. High intensity moments have a sense of urgency layered within the words, and the more tender moments are full of heart—both of which are amplified by his voice. He is a fabulous narrator to listen to!

Great fun for fans of paranormal adventure mixed with spicy romance!

Chelsea Andersen